Ravelco Canada West Holdings Ltd.
Ravelco Canada West Holdings Ltd.

The RAVELCO (pronounced Ruh-vel-co) Anti Theft Device is a small, discreet plug that thwarts vehicle thieves.  Period.

The RAVELCO offers a proven combination of sturdy construction, secure technology and ease of use.

In a passenger vehicle, the base unit is installed in or underneath your dash and the wires are routed into the engine compartment.  (In some heavy equipment, installers have to get a bit more creative with the plug placement, based on the specific piece of equipment.)  The RAVELCO is wired to various electrical components the engine needs to run --  the ignition, starter, fuel injection system, fuel pump, engine sensors, etc.

Remove the plug and the vehicle will not start.

We give the owner the ability to prevent the flow of electricity to those systems by removing the plug from the Ravelco base unit.

Not one vehicle has ever been reported stolen using the RAVELCO since its debut
in 1976.

This device prevents 'hot wiring' or the breaking of your steering column and starting your vehicle.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE for the original owner.

The RAVELCO protects all vehicles: gasoline, diesel and hybrid engines.

Over 5 MILLION installations worldwide!

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