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Why RAVELCO? Simple! 
Over 4 Million installed. Since 1976. Never Defeated.

RAVELCO Canada West Holdings Ltd

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They often say the best ideas come from having a problem then, when you don’t find a solution, you create one! Well in my case I didn’t have to create the solution, but I do need to tell you about it so you don’t have to suffer the same loss I did. Now I’d like to share my experience and the RAVELCO with you, so you won’t have to experience the loss of a vehicle like I did.

My story starts with the theft of my excavator. For months after it was taken, I searched high and low for a security device that was simple and would just work! I did not want to experience another theft of any of my vehicles again. The down time cost me a small fortune in profits let alone dealing with the insurance company.

My search led me to RAVELO where I was instantly amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of the device. I was so impressed with the product that I personally wanted to do something to help fellow business owners who have heavy equipment that needs to be secured. I made an investment to bring this product to Canada and am proud to be associated with the Ravelco. There are other companies that will try and sell you their anti-theft systems but if you truly want a product that’s easy to use and will PROTECT your investment, look no further than the Ravelco.

The simple fact: The RAVELCO has been installed on over 4 million vehicles and NEVER BEEN DEFEATED! There’s no need to say more. The product works…period. I use it on all my vehicles; heavy duty equipment, personal trucks, passenger cars, my recreational vehicles – if it has an ignition, I’m putting a Ravelco in it! Once you see the simplicity of the product, you’ll do the same.

If you have any questions regarding the RAVELCO, contact us and we’ll be happy to give you our insight as to why we think our product stands alone when it comes to anti-theft.

Mike McKone – Owner
Ravelco Canada West Holdings Ltd.

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