Ravelco Canada West Holdings Ltd.
Ravelco Canada West Holdings Ltd.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE for the original owner.

Most insurance companies will give 10% to 25% discount on your comprehensive rates.

Absolutely no equipment failures . . . No tow-ins, no breakdowns.

Only your ignition key and your RAVELCO plug will allow your vehicle to start.

The RAVELCO protects all vehicles: gasoline, diesel and hybrid engines.

Over 4 MILLION installations worldwide!


Not one vehicle has ever been reported stolen using the RAVELCO since its debut in 1976.

Comes with two plugs, (one a spare), additional plugs may be ordered.

There are more than 100,000 different electronic combinations . . . NO master plugs.

Comes with two window stickers: "WARNING -- Protected with the RAVELCO Anti Theft Device".

The RAVELCO will not affect any other item you have installed in your vehicle.

Prevents hot wiring, breaking the steering column and starting your vehicle.

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